Seradex ERP

The Order Stream Solution

Change is relentless. Resources are scarce. You have to do more with less. Your competition used to be across town, now they’re across the ocean.

  • Are you drowning in paperwork?
  • Does your business have far too many manual processes?
  • Have your current systems not kept up with your business needs?
  • Are your current systems dragging you away from managing your business effectively?


Seradex ERP Software supports your entire business and consists of modules such as CRM, Estimating, Product Configurator, Sales Orders, Field Service, Production Scheduling, Shop Floor Management Inventory Control, Procurement, Distribution, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting as well as Web Portals for Customers, Dealers, Vendors and Employees.

Our complete solutions by industry segment from Design to Cash, Procure to Pay, and Production/Inventory Management include over 50 modules designed for manufacturers by manufactures.  As new technologies and products are introduced and your business changes, you can be confident that Seradex offers the power to adapt.  No matter if you are ETO or MTO, Seradex has a solution what will work with your processes and methodologies.

  • Need to be easy to do business with
  • Want to manage your growth
  • Need to reduce cost
  • Pressured to innovate and deliver more value to customer
  • Looking to standardize all business processes
  • Streamline processes to improve efficiencies
  • Provide visibility across departments
  • Optimize current capacity

Seradex OrderStream is designed to meet these business objectives

  • Quickly and accurately quote
  • Shorten lead times
  • Eliminate late deliveries
  • Improve cash flow
  • Eliminate order entry errors
  • Reduce bloated inventories
  • Maximize shop capacity
  • Streamline purchasing
  • Managing customer supplied materials
  • Instant access to the latest financial information
  • Integrate ERP to CAD designs
  • Provide accurate job costing
  • Ensure quality compliance
  • Designed to meet the challenges for global competition


There are many varieties of ERP systems available today - why choose Seradex?

  • Seradex is a privately held ERP Software Company with a system built for the “make to order” and “engineered to order” manufacturers designed to strive for top of the line results.
  • Seradex was the first ERP Company to release a 100% Microsoft based ERP Software Solution in 1992.
  • Seradex is a leader in product configuration technology including online Visual Product Configurator and Application Configurator Technology that helps increase sales.  
  • The OrderStream solution includes over 50 modules designed specifically for manufacturers by manufacturers.
  • An ERP program that automates Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Sales, Manufacturing, Scheduling, Purchasing, Inventory and Financials into one application eliminating information silos.
  • Seradex offers customizable web portals built on the same ERP technology as the On premise version.
  • Seradex has been a Microsoft Partner from the beginning. The core program is built on the Microsoft technology stack including SQL, dot.NET and MS Office.
  • Seradex keeps your system up to date with a self-serve web based update process to ensure that you will always continue to run the latest version of the software.
  • Seradex is a world class expert in product configuration technology with over 21 years of experience in designing, building and deploying configurators for a wide range of products and services.   If you just have simple options and choices or, require an advanced visual product configuration, Seradex has the right solution for you. Our configurator dynamically builds a parametric multi-level BOM including assembly and sub-assembly with links to parts, raw materials, and production routing.
  • Seradex is an Integration expert. So if you wish to keep your current accounting system, need to integrate with your CAD system, or web portal; Seradex offers a wide variety of integration tools.


ERP is complex software and ongoing support is critical to the success of your company. Our support team is committed to quickly and effectively resolving your technical questionsand issues. We are dedicated to offering solid support and services to our valued customers. We listen closely to our customers and we are constantly improving our software to match those needs.

When you sign up for the annual maintenance plan you receive much more than an automated menu. Your annual membership includes:

  • Excellent web-based support
  • Knowledgeable analysts with experience in both manufacturing and software
  • Support Incident System, where you can log and view support calls
  • Automatic web based upgrades
  • Updated system documentation
  • Online documentation
  • Implementation Methodology

Your support membership is renewed annually and begins immediately after you purchase your Seradex system. We will work with you and your consultants to answer any questions that may arise during and after implementation. Once your system is up and running, you can count on us to help you keep it that way.

Seradex ERP Implementation Consultants will provide the information and tools you need to get a faster return on your investment. Our team is professionally trained and includes experienced project managers, accountants, business analysts, programmers, network specialists, and manufacturing ERP experts.

We understand every client is unique and there exists no single set of rules and solutions that will fit all businesses. We turn our knowledge and experience into simple, customized solutions that help clients streamline operations, utilize resources, and optimize productivity in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

With Seradex Consulting services, you can accelerate the implementation time lines to quickly receive a return on your software investment. Seradex consulting offers the following services.

  • System Performance Evaluations
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Conversion
  • Business Process Reviews
  • Custom programming
  • User Training
  • SIM Methodology (Seradex Implementation Methodology)

Seradex ERP Consultants will help you focus on the Critical Success Factors:

  • Will you quickly recover your investment in ERP software?
  • Are you engaging the entire organization to build ownership in the solution?
  • Are you training end-users to enable smooth cutover?
  • Have you improved your processes based on the ERP functionality?
  • Have you eliminated non value-add or redundant activities?

Integration, from both an operational perspective and a technical perspective is worked into all of our ERP implementations. We look at integration to current systems and connectivity with trading partners. In addition, the integrating process redesigns the initiatives with a the system implementation process ensures alignment between technology and operation needs. By focusing on integration as a part of our overall planning process, you will only build what is necessary and optimize your system's functionality.

Once you have implemented your ERP system, you will want to establish a method of measuring and monitoring results as well as plan for the future. Seradex can work with you to conduct post-implementation audits and benefits analysis, review processes and IT alignment, plan for system upgrades and testing.

ERP software is designed to achieve the ultimate in enterprise integrations. With ERP software installed, you can have real-time engineering, sales, accounting, and manufacturing information available. This allows you to make quick decisions in crucial business moments. ERP software contributes to effective operations in the local and global office, creating more accurate financial and business forecasts while cutting costs and time. Through tightly controlled and organized business operations an expansive company growth will occur.

The flexible nature of the Seradex Software allows for the system to be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. You can request software modifications, custom written reports or data integration services to enhance your business performance.

Five years ago, off-the-shelf ERP systems represented less than 40 per cent of software installed in small and mid-size manufacturing companies. This is growing rapidly. The shift is seen as a response to tougher market competition, shrinking margins, new legal and regulatory requirements and increasing mergers and acquisitions. Improving business process efficiency, and the need for better transparency and quality of information, are two common reasons for adopting an ERP system. The ability to integrate ERP with other IT systems was also of critical importance. However, almost every company is confronted with the requirement to integrate to other internal and external systems.

Now ERP systems are focused on both engaging customers and driving profits as well as the manufacturing, financial, and human resources applications that first defined the market. Some of these post-ERP applications-such as sales-force automation, customer-relationship management, data mining, and supply-chain management systems-have already emerged. Newer ERP add-ons focus on areas such as demand planning, component management, product data management, and transportation management.

Seradex ERP development services ensure that:

  • User requirements are properly specified
  • Projects are conducted using tested philosophies and methodologies
  • Projects do not modify the source code or data structures of the core product
  • Updates to the core product can be applied with minimal effort or additional customization

When considering training for your new ERP system you can be faced with many issues and questions. Here are a few questions for you to consider:

Is the training curriculum designed for the new organizational roles and tasks?

  • Dozens of new tasks will be defined during the ERP implementation process. These tasks will be assigned to redesigned roles within the organization. Training should be designed to develop new skills for people who will be taking on new roles and tasks.

Are the training materials tailored to different learning styles? 

  • Each organization acquires ways of learning that are unique to its operations and culture. Training standards should be designed up front to optimize learning within your organization. These standards form the foundation for how training will be developed, delivered and perceived by the end-users. 

Is the training customized for your specific business?

  • Seradex provides "off-the-shelf" ERP training materials, and in general, they offer an excellent overview of the Seradex system and its modules. However, they are not designed to address your unique business needs and processes. Seradex can work with your implementation team to develop effective, successful customized training for your organization: customization that is ultimately crucial for your employees' and organization's productivity.

Are the learning materials developed by experienced instructional designers?

  • People have different learning styles, and Seradex offers your skilled and experienced managers to develop training that will address the different learning styles within your organization. Studies have shown that this approach is significantly more effective than using technical experts and consultants to develop end user training. 

Is delivery of the end-user training planned for a date near to the 'go-live' period? 

  • Seradex delivers training on a Just-In-Time basis to minimize the time span between training and application of training to daily tasks. Other ERP companies can schedule end-user training on an ad-hoc basis reducing the affectivity and increasing training costs.

How is end-user training delivered? Seradex offers a mix of delivery methods including:

  • Train the Trainer, Classroom, Self-Study manuals and Computer Based Training as well as Web based training. Web based interactive delivery is becoming a highly cost effective method to be added to the delivery mix.

What about end-user support after the Go-Live?

  • Considerable knowledge transfer happens after you Go Live. We recommend you schedule follow-up reinforcement aids and communication.

How do we assess end-user training levels?

  • Prior to the Go Live a conference room pilot is conducted to assess end user effectiveness and readiness to go live. Formal assessments can also be conducted after the Go Live to addresses knowledge transfer and skills retention. 

How is ongoing training addressed? 

  • Training should continue beyond the Go Live to accommodate employee turnover, system changes and more sophisticated use of the new system. 

What approach and tools will you use to make sure of successful knowledge transfer between Seradex and our personnel occurs? 

  • An approach that emphasizes instructional design will translate knowledge from the system and project experts to your personnel. Proper design of the training project will identify requirements that exist after the system implementation.