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Serial Tracking Module
Serial Tracking ERP SoftwareThe Serial Tracking module in Seradex ERP was designed for manufacturers who require stringent control over product tracking and Tracking.

Serial Tracking provides this Tracking by creating a Serial number or other grouping of a part and automatically tracking each part as it flows from receiving through production and is shipped to your customer. You can assign additional information including a description, expiry date, and other user-definable fields.

For manufacturing industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, military, aircraft, automotive, electronic, scientific equipment and food or chemical processing it is critical that raw materials and finished goods are tracked.

Quality control specifications like ISO9000, QS9000, FDA, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ) and most military specs insist or suggest material Tracking.

For more information please check out the following web sites:

International Standards Organization ISO 9000
ISO Easy Organization
QS 9000 Organization
QS 9000 Information
Food and Drug Administration - FDA
FDA Information Site

Your Business Challenges

Serial Tracking ERP SoftwarePurchased items - Auto assign Serial or serial number at product receipt and cross reference to vendor serial, Serial or
heat number
Serial Tracking ERP SoftwareManufactured items - Auto assign Serial or serial number at manufactured product shipment

Our Solution - Serial Tracking

Serial Tracking ERP SoftwareTracks the part from receipt of materials, into production and through to product delivery
Serial TrackingEvery inventory transaction records Serial/serial information
Serial TrackingAs jobs move through the plant, operators are prompted for additional information when receiving and issuing material or
shipping finished goods
Heat NumbersInquiry capabilities allow you to review the flow of material Serials and serialized parts as they move through the
manufacturing process.
Vendor SerialCustomize part trace ability requirements and specify special Tracking requirements by part.
Users can view and edit multiple tables in the system (addresses, customers, vendors etc)
Use the description, expiration date, and ten user-defined fields to track information for each Serial.
Track warranty validation dates of both finished and purchased products

Management Reports

Inventory on hand by Serial numbers.
Product Recall Finder - to identify all shipments with suspect raw materials
Physical inventory count worksheets by Serial/serial number
Track finished products and components used within a Bill of Material.
Perform online inquiries by part for Serial numbers received or shipped and inventory balances.

The Serial Tracking module in Seradex ERP will automatically track items to maintain ISO compliance.

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