Generic Features

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The forms also have a few other generic formatting features in common.  This is the Main Menu bar located at the top of the form, and a collection of buttons found on the bottom.




The Main Menu found at the top of a form, as well as the collection of buttons that can be found at the bottom of a form.




From the Main Menu located at the top of the form it is possible to access a variety of different options.  For the most part these menus have the same initial options as the example shown above for each form. 


Below is a brief description of the Main Menu items found in each form.  Further information can be found in the chapter pertaining to the module in question.


Menu Item



This menu contains the buttons also found at the bottom of the form




From this menu it is possible to choose user-defined views that filter the transactions within the form


This menu usually contains one or two defaults reports that can be printed directly from the form


The Help menu contains an option labeled About


The collection of buttons found in the footer of most forms work as outlined below.  Descriptions of the functions performed by the common buttons found at the bottom of most forms.





Allows the User to add a NEW Transaction to the form.  To access old transactions simply select them from the drop-down menu located in the top left of the header section




This will allow the user to delete the transaction that is currently being displayed.  DO NOT USE THIS BUTTON TO DELETE A LINE ITEM.  To delete a line item simply highlight the line item and then press the delete key on you keyboard.


This button will either display Close, or Undo.  If the button is depressed while it says Close it will simply close the form.  If it is depressed while it says Undo, it will undo all changes that were made to the transaction being displayed on the form since the last time it was saved.